The world’s easiest streaming video

TechWerks is the only company that offers a wide range of services that are all integrated together along with the experience and proven track record to make it all work for you.

Other companies manufacture video encoders...but they don’t offer the streaming services or management services. Then there are other companies that offer video streaming services, but not the encoder. TechWerks offers all the products and services you need to get your message out to your own small group, or to become a major broadcaster.

TechWerks can design and build you a state-of-the-art television facility, take your video, encode it and stream it worldwide to virtually any device (PCs, MACs, Tablets, phones, gaming consoles and set-top boxes). TechWerks can customize a package for any budget. Even if you are a small, non-profit organization, you can afford to start streaming today. Actually, you can’t afford not to...because streaming on the web is the most cost-effective way to reach millions of people.